EPCi Offshore Projects

Outsourced services to assist you identifying risks and opportunities

We can assist you with your Subcontractors & we can help you attracting new clients

Our experience managing complex contracts both as Clients and Contractors help us to understand your needs

Outsourced project activities to improve your results

Search and evaluations of subcontractors

Suggest criteria for selection

Search worldwide within the criteria limits

Evaluation, scoring and recommendation of proposals


Package management

Experienced project team members

Pre-agreed KPIs and report templates

Performing since day one

Working together with one goal

Monitor and control of sites

Subcontract deliverables: time and completeness expediting

Physical progress measurement based on WBS

QC and HSE control


Commercial activities to improve your portfolio

Business development

Market and competitors analysis


Business opportunities


Potential suppliers and subcontractors


Clients networking

Preparation of proposals

Identification of key aspects of tender


Constructability options


Guidance on proposals content and writing

Interim management Team reinforcements

Temporary replacement of management positions


Identification of positions to reinforce areas or project teams


Selection and recommendations of suitable candidates


Proactive improving suggestions

Business analysis

Evaluation of teams


Evaluation of Quality Management Systems


Evaluation of assets



About us

By supporting, assisting & guiding you during any phase of an #EPCproject we will reinforce your #SuppplyChain activities, improving your project results


Spinacker services are thought to be those services required to bridge the intentions and perceptions of pretended contracting parties.


By sharing experience and knowledge acquainted in different Projects & links of the Supply Chain, Spinacker will boost your chances of success in your upcoming contracts.

Spinacker BLOG

What does project success mean for you?

I would like to start this series of posts about projects with one referred to the close out, which is in my …

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